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Serving southwest Montana

From our Family to yours. 

When you are a customer of Madison River Propane, you become a member of our family. We feel that our family first and service values embody what’s important to Montanans – Service as honest as a Montana Handshake

Madison River Propane was founded with the goal of supplying high quality propane to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural  customers at competitive prices with no extra fees. 

Safety before, during and after any contact with customers is ensured by a staff of fully trained technicians. In fact, Madison River Propane is trusted by fire departments across southwest Montana as part of their emergency response and training protocols.

We are the only full service propane company in Southwest Montana that will do installation of propane infrastructure inside and out of any residential or commercial buildings. We also sell, install and service  propane appliances. 

Remember, our word, our service is as solid as a Montana handshake. 

We’ll be there for you.

full service propane company - start to finish

  • Serviced backed by exceptional experience
          Over 25 years of experience in propane.
          Madison River Propane provides proper emergency response training for Fire Departments.
          Every employee goes through extensive training and is certified
  • Customer Service and Delivery Available 24/7
          Friendly, Family focused customer service that will be there when you need us.
  • New Tank installation
          Above Ground or Underground tanks available
  • New Construction Installation
           Interior, Exterior gas line pipes in poly, steel, Trac or Ward Flex
  • Appliance installation
          Heaters, gas ranges, refrigerators, and more.



Call 911 from a safe distance

Then call Madison River Propane:


Madison River Propane is committed to the highest levels of safety and security within our organization and our industry.
We believe that propane safety is the single most important aspect of the propane gas industry.
If there is any question about our concern and commitment to safety practices within the propane industry,
please contact the Western Propane Gas Association or the Rocky Mountain Propane Association using the links below.