PRopane Gas


The premium propane that we sell is stored in our large bulk propane tanks before it is delivered to you.
Our bulk storage facilities are large enough to guarantee a steady supply of propane to our entire market area during even the coldest of winters. 

Propane supply is maintained by Madison River Propane with our combined 270,000 gallon storage tank capacity and rail car storage. 
This ensures that only the highest grade, HD-5 propane is under our control from its origin at the refinery all the way to your tank. 


Propane Formula C3H8
Propane Boiling Point -44°F
Weight of 1 Gallon* 4.24 Lbs
Specific Gravity of Propane Gas* 1.53
Specific Gravity of Liquid Propane* 0.51
BTU per Gallon of Gas*  91,547
BTU per Lb. of Gas  21,516
BTU per Cu Ft of Gas*  2,516
Latent Heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point  785

*at 60F